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G-Shock GA-140GB and GA-140GM with Metallic Dials

G-Shock GA-140GB-1A1 GA-140GB-1A2 GA-140GM-1A1 Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

G-Shock Japan announced three new GA-140 colorways for February 2020. The GA-140GB-1A1JF (list price 16,000 JPY), GA-140GB-1A2JF (16,00 JPY), and GA-140GM-1A1JF (14,500 JPY) add metallic-style dials and hands to the boombox-inspired analog-digital series. The GA-140GB-1A1, GA-140GB-1A2, and GA-140GM-1A1 will also be released in other Asian countries, and Europe will also be getting all three (GA-140GB-1A1ER, GA-140GB-1A2ER, and GA-140GM-1A1ER).

Update: Casio America released the black and rose gold GA140GB-1A2 with a list price of $130.

G-Shock GA-140GB GA-140GM

G-Shock GA-140GB-1A1: Glossy black bezel and band with gold dial and hands.

G-Shock GA-140GB-1A1

GA140GB-1A1 at Reeds GA140GB-1A1 on Amazon GA-140GB-1A1 on eBay

G-Shock GA-140GB-1A2: Glossy black bezel and band with rose gold dial and hands.

G-Shock GA-140GB-1A2

GA140GB-1A2 at Reeds GA140GB-1A2 on Amazon GA-140GB-1A2 on eBay

G-Shock GA-140GM-1A1: Matte black bezel and band with silver dial and hands.

G-Shock GA-140GM-1A1

GA-140GM-1A1 on eBay

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