G-Shock GA-500P Punching Pattern Series

G-Shock GA-500P-1A GA-500P-3A GA-500P-4A

The new G-Shock GA-500 with a front-facing stopwatch button gets the Punching Pattern treatment with the GA-500P series. These sport watches designed for urban sports feature a perforated resin band inspired by mesh sportswear. The GA-500P watches are also unique in that the upper band is a different color than the lower band.

The GA-500P-1A is black and blue with a gray upper band. The GA-500P-3A is olive drab/green with black upper band. The GA-500P-4A is red with a black upper band. The GA-500P-1AJF, GA-500P-3AJF, and GA-500P-4AF are October releases in Japan with a list price of ¥18,000 JPY each.


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