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G-Shock GA-110LP, GA-110LPA Punching Pattern & GA-110MC Crazy Color Series

G-Shock GA-110LP GA-110LPA GA-110MC

It’s GA-110 bonanza for August as G-Shock Japan announced three new series and nine new watches for the popular analog-digital model. The new series are the GA-110LP and GA-110LPA Punching Pattern Series and the GA-110MC Crazy Color Series.

G-Shock GA-110LP Punching Pattern Series

The GA-110LP Punching Pattern Series has a matte finish and includes the black GA-110LP-1AJF, green GA-110LP-3AJF, and white GA-110LP-7AJF. This series has a band design inspired by mesh sporting attire, with a pattern of holes punched in the band to provide extra ventilation. It also features the same two-tone outer and inner band layers like the recent GA-100L Series. The black model appears to have a white inner band and the green model appears to have a black inner band, but according to the photo it’s not clear if the white model has a non-white inner band. List price is ¥17,000 JPY.

Update: Casio America announced the GA110LP-1A, GA110LP-3A, and GA110LP-7A with a list price of $140 USD.

G-Shock GA-110LP-1AJF GA-110LP-3AJF GA-110LP-7AJF

GA-110LP Series on Amazon GA-110LP Series on eBay

G-Shock GA-110LPA Punching Pattern Series

The GA-110LPA Punching Pattern Series is similar to the GA-110LP with the layered band with holes but these models have a glossy finish and bolder, neon-like look to them. The GA-110LPA-1AJF is black with a blue face and blue inner band. The GA-110LPA-4AJF is all red with black trim and a black inner band. List price is ¥18,000 JPY.

Update: Casio America announced the black GA110LPA-1A and red GA110LPA-4A with a list price of $150 USD.

G-Shock GA-110LPA-1AJ GA-110LPA-4AJ

GA-110LPA Series on Amazon GA-110LPA Series on eBay

G-Shock GA-110MC Crazy Color Series

The GA-110MC Crazy Color Series has a glossy finish and includes the black GA-110MC-1AJF, blue GA-110MC-2AJF, pink GA-110MC-4AJF, and white GA-110MC-7AJ. These watches have multi-color faces, lettering, and vivid dial rings for a striking modern pop art style. List price is ¥15,000 JPY.

Update: G-Shock America announced the black GA110MC-1A and white GA110MC-7A with a list price of $130.

G-Shock GA-110MC-1AJF GA-110MC-2AJF GA-110MC-4AJF A-110MC-7

GA-110MC Series on Amazon GA-110MC Series on eBay

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