Baby-G BGA-220 Beachside Glamping Series

Casio Baby-G BGA-220 Beachside Glamping Series

Brave the elements in style with the new Baby-G BGA-220 Beachside Glamping Series for women. The analog-digital BGA-220 features a forged stainless steel polygon bezel. Some models have a colored ion plating like the rose gold BGA-220G-7A (pictured). There is also a white model with a silver bezel and markers and a stylized black model with a black bezel and markers. The 3D markers have a metal tone coating for an upscale, glamorous look. The ocean-themed watch has a tide indicator and moon age data, and the watch also functions as a digital thermometer with its temperature sensor. Whether glamping on the beach or riding the surf, the shock-resistant and 200M water-resistant Baby-G BGA-220 is the ideal watch for an active lifestyle.

Update: Casio Japan announced five Baby-G BGA-220 models which will begin release in May 2016. The BGA-220G-7AJF, BGA-220G-2AJF, and BGA-220B-2JF have bezels with a colored IP treatment and will retail for ¥20,000 JPY. The BGA-220-4AJF and BGA-220-7AJF have silver bezels and will retail for ¥19,000 JPY.

Update: Casio USA has announced that the Beach Glamping Series has been released in the U.S. The white and silver BGA220-7A has a list price of $150 and the white and rose gold BGA220G-7A has a list price of $160. The BGA-220-7A and BGA-220G-7A are also Asia releases.

Baby-G BGA-220-4A

Pink body with silver bezel and markers.


Baby-G BGA-220-7A

White body with silver bezel and markers.


Baby-G BGA-220B-2A

Blue body with black IP bezel and black markers.


Baby-G BGA-220G-2A

Light blue body with gold IP bezel and gold markers.


Baby-G BGA-220G-7A

White body with rose gold IP bezel and rose gold markers.


Casio-Baby-G-BGA-220 BGA-220G-7A BGA-220-7A BGA-220B-2A

Casio Baby-G BGA-220

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Jad Donaldson
Jad Donaldson
6 years ago

Are these solar? I’m trying to purchase one of the Baby-G models that are solar? But finding them is hard. I have seen listings on that list these as “solar” but Casio USA doesn’t claim them to be. Is there a list of the available Womens Solar models?

6 years ago
Reply to  Jad Donaldson

These are not solar. The Baby-G BGA-2200 series is solar, but is not a USA release. Solar Baby-G watches are currently only available in Japan, but you can find some on Amazon by searching for “Baby-G Tripper” (amazon link).

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