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G-Shock GA-110HT Heathered Series

GA-110HT-1A GA-110HT-2A GA-110HT-7A GA110HT-8A Heathered Series
Following the release of the G-Shock GA-110NM Neo Metallic Series is the GA-110HT Heathered Series. The GA-110HT features some of the same fabric-inspired color designs we’ve seen with the GD-X6900HT Heathered Series. Black, blue, white, and gray textured colors are now paired with the popular large-sized analog-digital GA110 case. The black and blue models have high-contrast white analog hands while the white and gray models have gray hands. The GA-110 is known for its anti-magnetic structure, world time, 1/1000 second stopwatch, timer, five alarms, and speed measurement function. There’s no word yet if the GA-110HT Series will eventually get the more colorful green, red, and yellow heathered designs. Model numbers are GA110HT-1A (black), GA110HT-2A (blue), GA110HT-7A (white), and GA110HT-8A (gray).

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