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G-Shock GD-X6900MC Camouflage Series

GD-X6900MC Camouflage Series D
The GD-X6900MC Camouflage Series was unveiled at Casio’s invite-only G-Shock Camo Ball in New York City and is coming in July. These models feature classic camouflage patterns for several environments with the camouflage extending onto the watch face. The GD-X6900 model is known for passing MIL-STD-810 stress testing, having a 10-year battery, auto LED Super Illuminator, and Alpha Gel shock-resistant structure. List price is expected to be $150.

GD-X6900MC-1 – Black, Dark camouflage, reverse red display
GD-X6900MC-3 – Green, Woodland camouflage, reverse red display
GD-X6900MC-5 – Brown, Desert camouflage
GD-X6900MC-7 – White, Snow camouflage




Update: G-Shock Japan announced this series with the following model numbers: GD-X6900MC-1JR, GD-X6900MC-3JR, GD-X6900MC-5JR, and GD-X6900MC-7JR.

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