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G-Shock GM-6900 Metal Covered: Real Life Photos and Videos

The G-Shock GM-6900 Metal Covered Series with forged stainless steel bezels commemorates the 25th anniversary of the DW-6900, one of the most popular and iconic G-Shock models of all time. The series is now available in many countries, including the U.S. and U.K. More photos and videos have been appearing on social media, and like many G-Shocks, the watches tend to look even better in candid shots under real life lighting conditions.

This outdoor shot from Rolejeria Esparza highlights the reflectiveness of the stainless steel bezels, and the glossiness of the black and red GM-6900B-4 really stands out…

These candid shots of all three models from Kish.nl show what each one brings to the table, and it might be a challenge deciding which one(s) to pick…

This brief video of the simple but elegant GM-6900-1 makes it difficult to resist…

This Japanese video demonstrates the blinginess of the GM-6900G-9 and compares it to the DW-6900B-9. It also reveals that the GM-6900 series has quick-release bands, and there is a wrist shot at the end…

The GM-6900G-9 looks a bit less blingy but still very shiny in this Japanese video, perhaps due to softer lighting…

This video from Watching Casio gives an exclusive look at the black and red GM-6900B-4, and points out that unlike the GM-6900-1 and GM-6900G-9, it doesn’t have any labeling on the display (other than the Casio logo) for a cleaner look.

It’s a shame that we’ve never mentioned Gi-Shock-Go before this, as it’s one of the best G-Shock channels on YouTube. Here it is providing a rare look at the limited edition rose gold KITH x G-Shock GM-6900, which ended up selling out very quickly.

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I think they should have offer the watches with metallic bands.


Agreed! But still want these. My problem is picking which one… in the end, I know the answer is ALL THREE 😐


And more importantly, screw-down caseback


Just to let you know we also have some live photos of the GM-6900KTH-4 on our Facebook page too. Cheers!

Dokyun Kim
Dokyun Kim

Here’s another youtube video on the GM6900.