G-Shock GMW-B5000 Truck Test & 5000-5600 History Video

Some of the best G-Shock videos have been coming from Casio UK recently, and the latest is another good one. The new video hosted by Warren covers the history of the classic square 5000-5600 series and the recent introduction of the full metal GMW-B5000 series. It concludes with a fun truck test that ups the ante over the previous one.

The video is the perfect introduction to those who are new to G-Shock or to those who wonder why the 5000-5600 series is loved by fans so much. The great outdoor footage of the silver stainless steel GMW-B5000D-1 shows why it is a worldwide bestseller, and Warren explains its advanced features. In 2017, G-Shock drove a 24.97 ton truck over a DW-5600 and set a Guinness World Record. This video demonstrates a similar test, but with a heavier DAF XF480 truck driving over a GMW-B5000. Will the full metal square withstand the pressure of all six of the trucks wheels driving over it?


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