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G-Shock Psychedelic Multi Colors Series

1992’s G-Shock DW-5900 had a surprise revival in 2018 and has since been featured as the base for some colorful releases. That trend continues with two playful summer models, as the DW-5900DN-1JF and DW-5900DN-3JF kick off the the Psychedelic Multi Colors Series for June 2020 in Japan and Asia.

The multi-color designs are inspired by the neon colors of the night. Two other models, the DW-5600DN-7 and DW-5610DN-9, are also expected to be part of the series and are probably coming later. These mid-size digital models are appropriate for all genders.

Update: The DW-5600DN-7JF (11,000 JPY) and DW-5610DN-9JF (13,000 JPY) are July 2020 releases in Japan. (See below for more.)

G-Shock U.S. is releasing the DW5610DN-9 with a list price of $110.

G-Shock DW-5900DN-1: Black bezel and band, purple face, inverted LCD display. DW-5900DN-1JF (Japan) list price 11,000 JPY.

G-Shock DW-5900DN-1

DW-5900DN-1JF on eBay

G-Shock DW-5900DN-3: Green bezel and pink band, black face, inverted LCD display. DW-5900DN-3JF (Japan) list price 11,000 JPY.

G-Shock DW-5900DN-3

DW-5900DN-3JF on eBay

G-Shock DW-5600DN-7: White bezel and band with psychedelic pattern on the face.

G-Shock DW-5600DN-7

DW-5600DN-7JF on eBay

G-Shock DW-5610DN-9: This is the first dual-molded DW-5610 model with a non-black bezel, in this case orange. The colorful watch also has a yellow case, purple lower band, red upper band, and green band keeper.

G-Shock DW-5610DN-9

DW5610DN-9 on Amazon DW-5610DN-9 on eBay

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1 year ago

Interesting colors.