GBA-400 G’MIX music line features new colors

GBA-400-8B GBA-400-3B GBA-400-4B G-Shock G'MIX
Casio has added three new colors to the Bluetooth-enabled music-themed GBA-400 G’MIX line. Like the other solid colors in this line, the new models feature a silver-trimmed face and reverse display. They are the GBA-400-8B (silver), GBA-400-4B (orange), and GBA-400-3B (lime green). The GBA-400 is currently the best G-Shock option for music lovers. It connects to a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth and acts as a music player by controlling playback, volume, and equalization. The watch can also act as a song identifier via SoundHound, and the watch settings can be adjusted through a connected smartphone. The GBA-400 is part of the new wave of large fashionable G-Shocks and its case measures 51.9 mm wide. Battery life is 2 years with 12 hours of Bluetooth use per day and there is a low battery warning. The new colors will be making their way Stateside.

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Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
6 years ago

Can gba 400 be linked any android phone having version 4.2. I have HTC one x plus and nokia Lumia 730. Seems I can not use both this mobile phones with gba 400. Looking for solutions.

6 years ago
Reply to  Vivek Kumar

I think you need at least Android 4.3.

3 years ago

Can you connect it to an iPad mini 4?

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