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King Nerd x G-Shock GM-6900GKING-9ER watch limited to 300

King Nerd x G-Shock GM-6900GKING-9ER

Engraver King Nerd, a.k.a. Johnny Dowell, is teaming up with G-Shock U.K. to release the GM-6900GKING-9ER, which is limited to just 300 pieces worldwide. The watch is a gold ion-plated GM-6900D-9 featuring custom printed straps with an ornate pattern in gold. The full package also includes a sticker, a hand-signed and numbered A3 print, and exclusive packaging, all featuring the artwork of King Nerd.

Johnny Dowell began his career as an apprentice at gunsmith James Purdey & Sons, where he worked for fifteen years. Much of his work now includes timepieces, and he has worked with Bamford Watch Department and Revolution Watch.

The GM-6900GKING-9ER will be available in the U.K. for £249 at G-Shock.co.uk in early March, and those interested should sign up for the mailing list notifications at g-shock.co.uk/king-nerd.

G-Shock x King Nerd Collaboration Promo Video:

(King Nerd previously engraved a gold G-Shock GMW-B5000 with tiger stripes.)

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