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Limited jelly colors for My G-Shock customization in Japan

Limited jelly colors for My G-Shock customization in Japan

The popular My G-Shock watch customization service launched in late 2021 in Japan. The service allows customers to mix and match parts for a DWE-5610 watch. The parts are constantly selling out, and orders are opened every Wednesday with a certain amount of orders accepted each week.

Three new limited jelly colors are now available in yellow, blue, and pink. There are translucent bezels and band parts available in these limited colors, along with three limited faces. Casio says that when these limited colors sell out, they will not be resold. All parts are currently in stock at www.casio.com/jp. The My G-Shock service is currently available to Japan residents only.

One of the many possible combinations using the new limited colors…

My G-Shock Limited Jelly Colors

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