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My G-Shock site lets you share an image of your creation

My G-Shock Custom Watch Service

The My G-Shock (casio.com/jp) custom watch service is now live in Japan. Custom configured watches are only available for shipping to Japan residents, but anyone can use the site to configure a watch. The site also allows you to share an image of the watch by downloading a high-resolution rendering in PNG format. We would have liked to see more color options, but more colors are expected to be added later on a seasonal basis. The site is very easy to use, with the selected options visualizing quickly. Here are some of our creations.

(Update: The My G-Shock service turned out to be very popular and all of the face options have sold out in a little more than a day. Casio made a statement on Twitter saying that orders will resume every Wednesday.)

The “Joker”

Joker Custom G-Shock

The “Ronald McDonald”

Ronald McDonald Custom G-Shock

The “Warriors”

Warriors Custom G-Shock

The “Lakers”

Lakers Custom G-Shock

The “Dave2D”

Dave2D Custom G-Shock

The “Cambodia”

Cambodia Custom G-Shock

The “Blackout with Positive Display”

Blackout Custom G-Shock

The “Supersonics” (RIP) or The “Packers”

Supersonics Custom G-Shock

G-Central G-Shock Fan Site
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