New Pro Trek USA Releases: PRG300-4 and PRG300-8

Pro Trek PRG300-4 Orange and PRG300-8 Sand Beige Grey

Casio USA welcomes the arrival of two new color options for the Pro Trek PRG-300 line in June. The PRG300-4 features an olive bezel and an orange band, making it a good choice for hunters and emergency workers. The PRG300-8 has a sand beige grey bezel and band that will match light-colored uniforms and summer clothing. The PRG300-8 is currently the only light-colored PRG300 model in the U.S. lineup with a positive LCD display. Both models have a list price of $250.

The Pro Trek PRG-300 features Tough Solar power and the Triple Sensor Version 3 with altimeter/barometer, compass, and thermometer. It is one of the thinnest Pro Trek models with a height of 12.6 mm.

Pro Trek PRG300-4

Pro Trek PRG300-8

Casio Pro Trek PRG300-4 and PRG300-8

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