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Pro Trek PRT-B50 with Quad Sensor and Smartphone Link

Pro Trek PRT-B50

Coming in September 2019 to Japan and Asia is the all-new Pro Trek PRT-B50 outdoor analog-digital watch featuring a quad sensor and Bluetooth Smartphone Link.

The quad sensor includes a pressure sensor (altimeter-barometer), compass, thermometer, and an accelerometer for step counting. Combined with the Bluetooth mobile connection, the watch offers features such as a trekking log, calories burned, location indicator, customizable mode/display, automatic altitude adjustment, automatic time adjustment, world time mode, and mobile phone finder. Other features include a 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer (24 hours), 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, sunrise/sunset time display, power saving mode, full auto-calendar, 12/24 hour format, button operation tone on/off, and auto double LED light (including the Neon Illuminator black light) with afterglow (1.5/3 seconds).

The internal features are largely the same as the new G-Shock GG-B100 Mudmaster, but this Pro Trek watch lacks the Carbon Core Guard structure (as well as extreme shock and mud resistance) and is water-resistant to 100 meters rather than 200. Other external differences include a rotary bezel, a smaller size (57.5 x 50.8 x 15.8 mm), and lighter weight (about 64 grams). Like the GG-B100, it is battery-powered and not solar, but it does have a battery level indicator.

The debut models include the black PRT-B50-1, blue PRT-B50-2, and orange PRT-B50-4. Each model has a urethane band and the PRT-B50-1 is the only model available with a standard (non-negative) LCD display. The limited khaki PRT-B50FE-3 includes a special box and replaceable resin and cloth bands. The Japanese releases will have a list price of 30,000 JPY each and 35,000 JPY for the PRT-B50FE-3. The debut of the PRT-B50 series may seem underwhelming to those already familiar with the G-Shock GG-B100, but this is the first Pro Trek watch to feature a quad sensor and the Smartphone Link function (excluding the Pro Trek Smart line of smartwatches).

Update: Casio America announced the PRT-B50 series for a fall 2019 release with a list price of $200.

PRT-B50 Series on Amazon PRT-B50 Series on eBay

Source: www.casio-intl.com

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2 years ago

Plus two energy consumers. Minus Solar.
Must be an ultimate beater, no joke.

2 years ago

Yes, you’re right, thanks for the correction, I should have double-checked with the Japan site. I think the international/Asia site is wrong.

Uncle Jules
Uncle Jules
1 year ago

Solar is a pain in the rear end. These watches work at all times for two years or more. Put a solar in a drawer and there is no guarantee it will be working when you pull it out a few months later. These modules take huge 2025 high capacity cells that are not only easy to replace but are readily available in every drug store. Regarding the step counter; its now been proven that step counters make people take more exercise. 30% more exercise in fact which could make a difference to some between life and death. Whats not to like? Bluetooth sync is sensational and achieves in seconds what button fiddling does not achieve in hours, with or without the instructions. The app also never forgets how to perform one setting or another, which sadly at my age, I do. I have this model and the GG-B100 Mudmaster in my collection. Thoroughly recommend

Jacob Kayen
Jacob Kayen
1 year ago

Why don’t they make a watch that combines all of the Rangeman and Mudmaster features?? All I want is a watch with the QUAD sensor to count my steps, solar powered, and mb6 atomic time keeping. I don’t care, or want, or need the complexity of phone connectivity via bluetooth. Are there any plans to come out with that? That would be the perfect watch. Is this watch still useful if you never want to deal with the bluetooth features? I want a watch that does it all so that I don’t need to use my phone! That’s the whole point of these watches.

So would I be better off with a Mudmaster, or a Rangemen and a simple $20 step counter? Either way, a lot of money to dish out if they will combine these features eventually…

Thanks for the input!