G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-100 Functions and Tips Videos

Though it lacks the heart rate monitor, GPS, solar power, and advanced measurements of its bigger brother the GBD-H1000, the GBD-100 is still a compelling new model with an MIP LCD display, step tracker, Bluetooth smartphone link, training data measurements and logs, automatic training plan creation, phone notifications, and vibration alerts. In the U.S., the GBD100 is surprisingly affordable at $150. It is also noticeably smaller and lighter than the GBD-H1000, measuring 58.2 x 49.3 x 17.0 millimeters and weighing 69 grams, compared to 63.0 x 55.0 x 20.4 mm and 101 grams. The GBD-100 is expected to be released in late May 2020.

G-Shock released a promotional video for the GBD-100 featuring pro surfer Yadin Nicol and a series of videos highlighting the main functions, in which some new information about how the watch works is revealed.

GBD-100 Tips Movie 01: Main Features of the GBD-100 – Data for distance measurement, step tracking, calorie consumption, and 2-year battery life. Also pace measurement and automatic daily step counting.

GBD-100 Tips Movie 02: Distance Measurements – The GBD-100 measures distance with the accelerometer and a unique Casio algorithm which takes user height and other data into account. The watch can determine whether you are walking or running, and it can also be connected to a smartphone to calculate your personal stride data for improved distance accuracy when the watch is not connected to a phone. The smartphone app can also display a mapped route in the training logs like the GBD-H1000, but in this case, only if the watch is connected to a smartphone during training.

GBD-100 Tips Movie 03: How To Pair With Your Smartphone

GBD-100 Tips Movie 04: Target Management Settings – The app can automatically create training plans for distance running targets that use algorithms from Firstbeat.

GBD-100 Tips Movie 05: Easy Operations via Smartphone Link – Features that can be easily set up using the app include up to four daily alarms, world time, interval training timer, and notifications with previews for calls, email, and social media.

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