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Resin and composite MTG-B3000 bands available individually

G-Shock MTG-B3000 Band Box

Along with the new G-Shock MTG-B3000 series, Casio Japan is now taking pre-orders for individual resin or composite bands for these models. The MTG-B3000 has a new band structure in which the band is easily removed by pressing two buttons at opposite ends of the lugs simultaneously (as seen in a recent video). The black resin band (BANDGS52P-1JR) retails for 16,500 yen (including tax), and the black stainless steel composite band (BANDGS52D-1JR) retails for 33,000 yen.

Of the three launch models, the MTG-B3000B-1A comes with a resin strap, and the MTG-B3000BD-1A and MTG-B3000BD-1A2 each come with a composite band with ion plated color accents on the first links. The individual BANDGS52D-1JR band is full black. The composite bands of the MTG-B3000 have stainless steel links and a resin inner layer for less weight and enhanced comfort. Sales of the bands outside of Japan have not been confirmed yet.

G-Shock MTG-B3000 Resin and Composite Bands

Resin BANDGS52P-1JR at Casio Japan

Composite BANDGS52D-1JR at Casio Japan

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1 month ago

Is there actually any place to buy these bands?

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