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Retro solar-powered Casio AL-190 watch is worthy of a revival

Casio AL-190WD-1AV

Thanks to Watch Geek’s Instagram (@watchgeekyt) for bringing the Casio AL-190 series to our attention. While solar-powered G-Shock watches do their best to inconspicuously blend the solar panels into the borders or dial, the AL-190 features a large solar panel prominently located above the LCD display, giving the watch a joyously retro style.

Despite its 1980s look, the AL-190 was actually released in 2011 and is an update of the AL-180 from 1987. The AL-180 was a dressier update to the FB-50, another “Batteryless” model from 1981. Another interesting model is the titanium LIN-155 from the Lineage line, which shares the same module (668) as the AL-180. The AL-180 was later re-released with updated modules (2505 and 3262) in the late 2000s and early 2010s. The original AL-180 has a metal case, but the updated AL-180 has a chrome-plated resin case. The AL-190 has a resin case.

The official specifications state that the AL-190 is “Battery-less (requires no battery replacement),” but the AL-190 does use a rechargeable “capacitor,” like other solar-powered Casio watches. The AL-190 does not have a light, but it is water-resistant to 50 meters. Other features include resin glass, 1/100 second stopwatch (59’59.99” max, with elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times), countdown timer (24 hours, settable in 1-minute and 1-hour increments), 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal, low battery alert, auto calendar, and 12/24-hour format.

In the U.S., the black AL190W-1AV (AL-190W-1AV) with resin band sold for $24.95, and the AL190WD-1AV (AL-190WD-1AV) with a stainless steel band sold for $29.95. Watch Geek is wearing the AL-190W-9AV in his Instagram post below.

Unfortunately, the AL-180 and AL-190 series are no longer available, and we can only hope for another revival of the retro Batteryless line. There are some AL-190 watches on eBay, but it may be difficult to find one in good condition for a decent price.

Casio AL-190:

CASIO AL-190 Solar Powered Watch: AL-190W-1AV AL-190WD-1AV AL-190W-9AV

Updated Casio AL-180 (Module 2505) Circa Late 2000s:


Update: Watch Geek also posted a video on YouTube about his AL-190 and will also be doing a full review and tutorial later.

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2 years ago

How long did the AL models stay charged? Casio should do a revival on the AE-20W which is also know as the Casio twin graph watch. They should revive that watch in a G-Shock format too.

Watch Geek
Watch Geek
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing my post, do check out the unboxing video and the upcoming review and tutorial of this simple, yet ubercool watch :)

2 years ago

I have a titanium LIN 155 in mint condition. I got it around the year 2000. Unfortunately the display has gone funny, with everything displayed on the screen. I’m looking for a replacement module if available?

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