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Rubik’s Cube x G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A with the six colors of the iconic ’80s puzzle toy

Rubik's Cube x G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A

Two legends of the 1980s are teaming up as G-Shock and the iconic puzzle toy brand Rubik’s are releasing a limited edition GAE-2100 collaboration. The dial of the G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A depicts three sides of the Rubik’s Cube with blue, red, and yellow colors. The watch has a white bezel with green and orange accents, along with a black band, orange buckle, and green keeper. The stainless steel case back is engraved with Rubik’s and G-Shock logos. A Rubik’s logo appears on the lower band, and the watch also includes an interchangeable black bezel. The GAE-2100 base is known for its screwless bezel structure that allows the bezel to be replaced quickly.

The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 in Hungary and was originally named the “Magic Cube.” It was released to the rest of the world as the Rubik’s Cube in 1980 and has sold 450 million units to date. The toy experienced a revival in recent times and had a record year in 2017 with $250 million in sales.

In Japan, the G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1AJR is slated for a February 2022 release with a tax-included price of 20,900 yen. Though only confirmed for Japan so far, it is expected to be released worldwide.

Update: G-Shock U.K. announced that the GAE-2100RC-1AER will be released on February 9 for £139, and a free G-Shock-themed Rubik’s Cube will be given away with in-store purchases at the Carnaby Street store, while supplies last. The watch was also announced for Europe and Singapore.

In the U.S., pre-orders for the GAE2100RC-1A ($150) will begin on February 18 at gshock.com.

G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A

GAE2100RC-1A on Amazon GAE2100RC-1A at Reeds GAE2100RC-1A on eBay

G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A Case Back

Rubik's Cube GAE-2100RC-1A Band and Bezels

Rubik's Cube x G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A Black Bezel

G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A Black Bezel

Rubik's Cube x G-Shock GAE-2100RC-1A Box

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