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Ryan Gosling’s Rolex & Casio Watches by The Urban Gentry

YouTube channel The Urban Gentry published an interesting video about Ryan Gosling and the watches he has worn in some of his movies and in his personal life. In movies, he wore Rolex watches and a Casio calculator watch in Half Nelson (and the G-Shock G-2900 in The Big Short). Off-screen, Gosling’s personal watches also include Rolex watches and the Casio A168WA-1. The Urban Gentry host TGV points out that Gosling is also a musician and that using a digital watch is a safer choice than mechanical watches when near equipment with magnetic fields. He praises Gosling’s style as “a perfect blend of American masculinity and classicism.”

Like Gosling, TGV is a Casio fan, with the G-Shock DW-5600 being one of his favorite and regularly worn watches. The Urban Gentry sometimes features G-Shock watches, such as in the following recommended videos:

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Ryan Gosling Casio G-Shock G-2900 Wristwatch in The Big Short

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