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Sweet Chick x G-Shock DW6900LU-8SC Restaurant Collab

An unusual collaboration with a restaurant, the Sweet Chick x G-Shock DW6900LU-8SC was originally released in 2019 at a special event at the G-Shock Soho Store in New York. Sweet Chick is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurant that is famous for its chicken and waffles, with branches in Prospect Heights, the Lower East Side, Long Island City, and Los Angeles. The watch was previously available only at the event, but it is now available in the U.S. for $130 at casio.com/us. The watch is a gray DW-6900LU-8 with the message “Spread Love” printed on the band along with a Sweet Chick logo. According to Casio, this release is limited to 100 pieces and each box is individually numbered.

Sweet Chick x G-Shock DW6900LU-8SC

Sweet Chick x G-Shock DW6900LU-8SC Band

Sweet Chick x G-Shock DW6900LU-8SC Box

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Patrick Soon
Patrick Soon
1 year ago

Trying to purchase it, but not getting any shipping quotes/pricing. Sadly, I think it may already be sold out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Patrick Soon

I purchased one and received it today, numbered 58 of 100. It seems to still be in stock should you want one; shipping is free.

I’m surprised to see such a limited model being sold online directly by Casio almost 3 years after its original release. I wonder if they’re returns that were stored away and forgotten in a warehouse somewhere. It’s a nice-looking watch, but on the lower effort end of collaboration G-Shocks; aside from a numbered box and the printing on the band, it is a stock DW-6900LU-8.

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