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Some Upcoming G-Shock and Baby-G Watches

Here’s a quick look at some upcoming G-Shock and Baby-G watches from Casio’s latest seasonal product showcase for spring/summer 2019. There will be lots of color with the usual multi-model series, more DW-5900 watches, a clear jelly series, a new DW-5700-inspired Baby-G G-LIDE model, and a new G-MS model. Casio also stated that there will more more watches released aside from the ones in the tweets.

A red and black series coming in May:

The Hot Rock Sounds Series including some solid colors and more DW-5900 watches, coming in May:

The Clear Skeleton Series coming in April:

A G-Shock G-LIDE GLX-6900 series with sea snake stripes, coming in May:

New Baby-G G-LIDE models based on the G-Shock DW-5700, coming in June:

New Baby-G G-MS MSG-C100 models with a studded face, coming in May:

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