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G-Shock Hot Rock Sounds (Rock Music) Series

G-Shock Rock Music Series: DW-5900RS-1 DW-5900RS-9 GA-100RS-2A GA-100RS-4A

The spring and summer months are for music festivals and beach parties and G-Shock is celebrating this special time with the release of the Rock Music Series. Inspired by the effects pedals for electric guitars, this colorful series includes the black-green DW-5900RS-1, yellow DW-5900RS-9, blue GA-100RS-2A, and orange GA-100RS-4A. These colorways are also meant to match the bright colors of clothing worn at concerts and the beach.

The DW-5900RS-1JF and DW-5900RS-9JF have a list price of 11,000 JPY each. The GA-100RS-2AJF and GA-100RS-4AJF have a list price of 13,500 JPY each. All four watches will be released in May 2019 in Japan. All four (DW-5900RS-1, DW-5900RS-9, GA-100RS-2A and GA-100RS-4A) will also be released in other Asian countries.

1992’s DW-5900 series was unexpectedly revived in fall 2018 and this is the first time we are seeing such colorful models since the revival. The GA-100 is the world’s second top-selling G-Shock series and these are some of the most vividly colored models we’ve seen in a while.

Update: The blue GA100RS-2A and orange GA100RS-4A are also being released in North America.

G-Shock Hot Rock Sounds

G-Shock DW-5900RS-1:

G-Shock DW-5900RS-1

DW-5900RS-1JF on Amazon DW-5900RS-1JF on eBay

G-Shock DW-5900RS-9:

G-Shock DW-5900RS-9

DW-5900RS-9JF on Amazon DW-5900RS-9JF on eBay

G-Shock GA-100RS-2A:

G-Shock GA-100RS-2A

GA100RS-2A on Amazon GA-100RS-2A on eBay

G-Shock GA-100RS-4A:

G-Shock GA-100RS-4A

GA100RS-4A on Amazon GA-100RS-4A on eBay

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