USA: Pro Trek PRTB50T-7 and PRTB50YT-1 with Titanium Band

Pro Trek PRTB50T-7 and PRTB50YT-1 with Titanium Band

Casio America is adding two new models this spring to the Pro Trek PRT-B50 series. The PRTB50T-7 (MSRP $300) and PRTB50YT-1 (MSRP $380) have a lightweight and rust-resistant titanium band. These watches have a more traditional and formal appearance compared to the outdoorsy colors and vibe of the debut PRT-B50 models. The PRTB50T-7 has a silver and black style with orange accents for the north indication and second hand. It also has a standard LCD display, while the PRTB50YT-1 has an inverted LCD display. The PRTB50YT-1 features a black ion plating on the band and an all black style with gray and white labels and markers.

The PRT-B50 base features a Quad Sensor (including altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer, and step counter), rotating bezel, and Bluetooth smartphone link. Some of the connected features include a route log, calories burned function, trackback location indicator, automatic time adjustment, and altitude correction (using the smartphone’s GPS). Other features include 100-meter water resistance, sunrise/sunset time, and auto dual LED lights with the black light Neon Illuminator.

Both models are also March 2020 releases in Japan (as PRT-B50T-7JF and PRT-B50YT-1JF).

Pro Trek PRTB50T-7:

Pro Trek PRTB50T-7

Pro Trek PRTB50YT-1:

Pro Trek PRTB50YT-1

Pro Trek PRTB50T-7 and PRTB50YT-1 with Titanium Band

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adhitya ramaputra
adhitya ramaputra
4 years ago

Does the Bezel made from resin ?

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