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2100 Series is one of the four classic masterpieces of G-Shock

G-Shock Four Classic Masterpieces: 5600 6900 110 2100

It’s been evident with all the new G-Shock 2100 Series watches being released lately, and now Casio has officially acknowledged that the 2100 series is one of the four main standard G-Shock models, joining the pantheon of such classics as the 5600, 6900, and 110 series. According to an interview with Taku Uema, General Manager of the Watch Marketing Department in Casio’s Marketing Control Division, these four series make up the “four masterpieces.” This is quite a feat for the 2100 series and a testament to its massive popularity, as the GA-2100 was only recently released in 2019. (The DW-5600 was released in 1987 and was based on the first-ever G-Shock DW-5000 from 1983. The DW-6900 was released in 1995, and the GA-110 was released in 2010.)

The GA-2100 was an immediate success, and until recently, Casio had difficulty keeping the GA-2100-1A1 in stock. The success of the GA-2100 can be attributed to the fact that it offered something new: a more compact and sleek analog-digital design that was still distinctly a G-Shock, inspired by the classic lines of the original 5000-5600 series. The GA-2100 was the slimmest active G-Shock model at its release, and its Carbon Core Guard structure, with its carbon fiber-reinforced inner case, contributed to its light weight of 51 grams (lighter than the DW-5600). The GA-2100 also gained much attention online for its octagonal bezel that bore a resemblance to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, earning it the nickname “CasiOak.” Uema says, “The 5600 and 2100 are relatively simple design lines, while the 6900 and 110 are designed with toughness in mind. A strong brand has ‘absolute standard models,’ so we are working on them with this in mind.”

The 2100 series now includes the GA-2100, the metal-covered GM-2100 with a stainless steel bezel, the smaller-sized GMA-S2100, and the metal-covered and unisex-oriented GM-S2100. The recently launched GM-2100 series has also been extremely popular, with some models selling out very quickly. Given the success of the 2100 series and its designation as one of the four classic G-Shock models, it is likely that we will see more all-new 2100 variations in the future, and maybe even a full metal version at some point.

G-Shock GA-2100 Wrist Shot

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2 years ago

I really didn’t expect the ga-110 to be so popular.. I thought ga-100 was far more classic.

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