Baby-G BA-110TP Tribal Pattern Series

Baby-G Tribal Pattern Series BA-110TP - BA-110TP-1A  BA-110TP-2A BA-110TP-7A BA-110TP-8A

The Baby-G BA-110TP Tribal Pattern Series is a companion series to the G-Shock Tribal Pattern Series. In addition to black and white models like the G-Shock series, the Baby-G series also offers turquoise and beige colors.

The black BA-110TP-1A features a gold color for the lettering, markers, and hands, offering a bolder look than the more subdued G-Shock GA-110TP-1A. The turquoise BA-110TP-2A also has gold markers and hands. The white BA-110TP-7A with its silver markers looks like a smaller version of the G-Shock GA-110TP-7A. The tan/beige BA-110TP-8A also has silver markers.

The BA-110TP watches have a list price of ¥18,500 JPY and are also an international release in Asia. A U.S. release is likely to follow.

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