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Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570 with Tide Graph

Baby-G BLX-560 Beach

Like the square Baby-G BLX-560 which is modeled after the G-Shock 5600 case, the Baby-G BLX-570 is another G-LIDE surfing watch based on the recently revived G-Shock 5700 retro line featuring a round bezel.

The first two models, the black BLX-570-1 and white BLX-570-7, match the black and white models from the G-Shock G-LIDE GWX-5700 series. The second two models, the BLX-570-4 and BLX-570-6, feature a cream pink and a light purple pastel color, respectively.

The BLX-570 has 200-meter water resistance, a tide graph, and numerical moon age data. Like the classic square case models, the BLX-570 has a relatively slim and compact profile with dimensions of 44.9 x 43.0 x 12.9 millimeters, making it an excellent choice for sports and water activities. Other features include world time, 1/100 second stopwatch (24 hour max, 5 seconds countdown auto start, with split), countdown timer (24 hours max), 3 alarms with 1 snooze alarm, hourly time signal, alarm sound flash function, and EL backlight with afterglow.

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570 BLX-570-4 BLX-570-6 Pastel Pink and Purple with Tide Graph

The BLX-570-1JF and BLX-570-7JF will launch in Japan in April 2019 and the BLX-570-4JF and BLX-570-6JF will launch in May 2019. Each has a list price of 9,500 JPY.

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-1:

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-1 with Tide Graph

BLX-570-1JF on eBay

Pictured with the G-Shock GWX-5700CS-1:

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-1 Black with Tide Graph

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-7:

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-7 with Tide Graph

BLX-570-7JF on eBay

Pictured with the G-Shock GWX-5700CS-7:

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-7 White with Tide Graph

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-4:

Baby-G BLX-570-4

BLX-570-4JF on Amazon BLX-570-4JF on eBay

Baby-G G-LIDE BLX-570-6:

Baby-G BLX-570-6

BLX-570-6JF on Amazon BLX-570-6JF on eBay

Photos via news.mynavi.jp

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