World champion runner Joseph Gray joins Team G-Shock (Video)

Elite mountain and trail runner Joseph Gray makes his G-Shock Ambassador debut in a promotional video featuring the G-Shock MOVE GBD-H1000. Gray is an 18-time USA National Champion, the first-ever national champion at the 30k trail distance, and an 8-time World Title Champion.

Joseph Gray Team G-Shock GBD-H1000

The video features Gray and the GBDH1000-1A7 as he prepares for a 10K mountain race. Gray uses the watch’s unique functions like the training app to create a custom training plan, heart rate monitor to measure exercise intensity, GPS to measure distance traveled, and measurement data, including Vo2 Max, for training analysis. The GBD-H1000 is also equipped with solar-assisted charging and offers smartphone call and message notifications via Bluetooth.

For more about Joseph Gray and Team G-Shock, visit

G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH1000 Promo Video with World Champion Runner Joseph Gray:

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