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Custom My G-Shock service coming to other countries?

A recent Instagram post from G-Shock Japan gives us hope that the My G-Shock (casio.com/jp) custom DWE-5610 watch service will be coming to other countries, although it doesn’t specifically mention that. The post shows a cherry blossom-inspired combination and includes the following statement in both Japanese and English.

“MY-G-SHOCK is currently only available in Japan. The product cannot be purchased from overseas.”

We don’t want to read into anything too much and declare anything without confirmation, but like Casio’s initial briefing that said My G-Shock would be “starting with Japan,” the wording of this statement and the inclusion of “currently” seems to suggest that My G-Shock coming to other countries is within the realm of possibility. If they said “MY-G-SHOCK is only available in Japan,” that would not necessarily mean that it is never coming to other countries, but it would suggest more of a finality to that statement.

The other likely countries to get the My G-Shock service are probably the ones that appear to be using the same e-commerce backend as the Japan site. These include Taiwan (which also received the classic square restoration service recently), Malaysia, and Singapore. The service would undoubtedly be very popular in the U.S., but there are probably major logistical challenges in implementing it there. Casio America uses Digital River for its e-commerce fulfillment. It may not be equipped to deal with running the My G-Shock service (which requires specialized inventory management and assembly), and it may not be feasible for Casio America to set up a whole new operation for it (but maybe it can be done at the G-Shock Soho Store). We hope we are wrong and that we will see My G-Shock all around the world someday, but we don’t want to get people’s hopes up if that turns out not to be the case.

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