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G-Shock GA700-1A discontinued in U.S. and other countries

G-Shock GA700-1A

The G-Shock GA700-1A, which was one of the three launch models for the GA-700 series, was recently removed from the current U.S. price list. It is widely sold out at authorized retailers and is becoming more difficult to find from third-party sellers in the U.S. The GA-700-1AJF is also listed as “End of Production” by G-Shock Japan and the GA-700-1AER is listed as discontinued by G-Shock U.K., but the GA-700-1A is still available online at the official Malaysia and Singapore sites.

The GA700-1A is notable for being one of the few GA-700 models with a standard (non-inverted) LCD display, which may be preferable to those who prioritize legibility. At the time of its launch, the GA-700 had the longest battery life (approximately 5 years) for a non-solar analog G-Shock model. (That has since been surpassed by the 7-year battery of the GA-900 and the Asia-only AW-500.) The GA-700 also has some advanced stopwatch functions like the target time alarm and direct start from timekeeping mode. The GA-700 is also known for being one of the larger G-Shock watches at 53.4mm wide. The most recent GA-700 models are the utility blue and brown GA-700CA-2A and GA-700CA-5A with camo dials.

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