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G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A luxury diving watch is made of titanium and sapphire

G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A ISO 200M Diving Watch with Titanium Screw-Back Case

Casio officially announced the G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A for an April 2023 release. This highly anticipated model combines the diving features of the iconic Frogman line with the high-end titanium construction and luxury styling of the peak MR-G line.

While the MRG-BF1000 looks very similar to the previous analog GWF-A1000 Frogman with a similar dial design and asymmetrical shape, there are some key differences in its build. The MRG-BF1000 does not have a carbon monocoque case like the GWF-A1000 and instead has a titanium case with a traditional screw-back (or “screw lock back” as Casio calls it). Along with a sapphire display, a sapphire crystal with a blue vapor deposition is press-fit into the titanium case back, and this crystal has the Frogman logo engraving and other case back labels. This laser engraving is applied to the front and back of the glass for a three-dimensional effect.

G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A Titanium and Sapphire Case Back

While the GWF-A1000 has a bezel made of stainless steel and resin parts, the MRG-BF1000 has a full metal titanium bezel, with fluoro rubber parts placed between the case and bezel to ensure full shock resistance. The titanium of the bezel is treated with a deep layer hardening and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for improved durability. Titanium is also used for the small metal parts like the screws, buttons, and crown. The large button guards on the left side resemble the second-generation Frogman DW-8200 and other similar Frogman models more so than the lower profile buttons of the GWF-A1000.

G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A Display

The MRG-BF1000 has a Dura Soft fluoro rubber band, which is more comfortable than a standard resin band, and the buckle and keeper are made of Ti64 titanium alloy. The band is easily removable by pressing the buttons under the lugs and removing the side pins. Although other band options were not announced, this will allow for easy cleaning.

The watch uses over 70 exterior parts in total, which is the most of any MR-G model. The MRG-BF1000 is slightly smaller and thinner (56 x 49.7 x 18.6 mm) than the GWF-A1000, but also a little heavier (132 grams versus 119).

The MRG-BF1000 is equipped with Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment, and Bluetooth smartphone link. It shares the same functions as the GWF-A1000 but uses the Casio Watches smartphone app for its Bluetooth functions. As a diving watch, it measures dive time (up to two hours) and surface interval time (up to 24 hours) and records up to 30 log data records. As a Frogman, the buttons are designed and tested to be fully operational underwater. Other features include a tide graph, dual time (with 27 time zones and auto DST switching), 1-second stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer (settable in 1-minute units), daily alarm, date display and day indicator with full auto-calendar, and LED light with afterglow. The optional Bluetooth connection and Casio Watches app offer functions such as automatic time adjustment, approximately 300 world time cities, diving log, tide graph setting (with approximately 3,300 points), self check, phone finder, and Premium Production Line certificate. (For full specifications, see the MRG-BF1000 in our Specs Catalog.)

G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A Angle

The Frogman series of ISO Diver’s 200M water-resistant diving watches was originally introduced in 1993, and the MR-G series (which evolved into a full metal luxury line) made its debut in 1996. MR-G watches represent the top of the G-Shock lineup and are known for their hardened titanium builds, DLC coatings, and assembly at the Premium Production Line at the Yamagata Casio factory in Japan. The first MR-G Frogman model was the full digital MRG-1100 from 1999, making the MRG-BF1000 the second MR-G Frogman and the first analog MR-G Frogman.

In Japan, the MRG-BF1000R-1AJR will be released on April 21, 2023, with a retail price of 594,000 yen including tax (approximately US$4,416). The MRG-BF1000R-1A was also announced for an international release, with release dates and prices in other regions to be announced.

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the MRGBF1000R1A in late April 2023 for $5,000.

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G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A

G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A Band

G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRG-BF1000R-1A Super Illuminator LED Light

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6 months ago

It is beautifully crafted. In my opinion it is the most niche MR-G to date, though.
The base MR-G B1000/B2000 models are nice as daily beaters for those that have the money to spend, and the more exclusive models are unique in their design approach. The MR-G B5000 are pretty much unique on the market es upscale watches with a digital display, and they have all the heritage from the early beginning of G-Shock.
A Frogman for the price of a Seamaster seems a tough sale, though. As an expensive “lifestyle diving watch” it lacks the image and heritage that other watches in that price range have, and as a serious tool watch for divers it is just too expensive (and I guess they will usually go for a computer anyways).
Just my thoughts, though.

6 months ago
Reply to  Ccr


6 months ago

Very nice but way too expensive.

6 months ago

An impressive watch, indeed…
But they could have add, at least a depth-meter sensor (like Citizen does in some of their Promaster)…
The craft is certainly awesome but, in this configuration, the competition is rude…
In France, this watch will probably cost around 5000€, it is a no go for me.
I was hoping for a mip digital version of the frogman, but it seems it will never come…
i’ll stay with my Garmin descent G1 then: it has everything i need , and more (depth-meter/barometer/compass/heart-monitor/gps,etc…).
It only lacks the 200m iso and the toughness i love from G-shock….

Murdoch Niccols
Murdoch Niccols
4 months ago

Magnificent. But not 5k magnificent …
Buy a Omega Seamaster.

4 months ago

But the frogman. Be different. Seamasters are everywhere.

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