What we know about the upcoming G-Shock MRG-B2100

G-SHOCK MRG-B2100 Leak

One of the unexpected omissions of the G-Shock 40th Anniversary in 2023 was a new GM-B2100 model made of titanium. That may be explained by the upcoming MRG-B2100 series, which was recently leaked and is expected to be released sometime in 2024.

The made-in-Japan MR-G line is G-Shock’s top range of watches known for their advanced technological features and superior materials and finishings. Although much remains unknown about the MRG-B2100, there is some information that we can deduce from the various leaked images. Please keep in mind that this is all speculation at this point, and we are assuming that the leaked images will match the final product.

1. It’s probably MRG-B2100 and not MRG-2100.

Although one of the recently leaked images has the text label “MRG 2100” superimposed on it, the name is expected to be MRG-B2100. A leaked image of the case back appears to have a character before the “2100” (although it is not very clear), and the dial has the Bluetooth connection indicator on it (“C”). Also, the MRG-2100 series has already existed with the MRG-2100DJ-1A (shockbase.com). The watch is also expected to have Tough Solar power, although there is no battery level indicator on the dial. (Update: The specific model name of the black model pictured is expected to be MRG-B2100B-1A, or MRG-B2100B-1AJR in Japan, and there may be more than one model launched.)

2. It will be made of titanium with a multi-piece bezel.

As the MR-G line is known for its titanium builds, it’s safe to assume that the MRG-B2100 will be made of titanium, which will result in a lighter weight than the stainless steel GM-B2100 models. Like the MRG-B5000, it will possibly be a combination of the Ti64 alloy for the case and bezel parts, DAT55 alloy for the band, and Cobarion (super-hard cobalt-chrome alloy) for the front bezel, with any black colorways having a DLC coating like other MR-G models. The MRG-B2100 also has a multi-piece bezel like the MRG-B5000, but it does not have the screw-back case structure of the MRG-B5000 or the GM-B2100.

3. It is the first 2100 line with a full analog display and electronic crown.

The watch has a full analog display with a date display and a day of week indicator. The very pronounced pattern and texture of the dial is a bit unexpected, as we were expecting a more minimalistic look like the other 2100 series, but we will try to reserve judgment until more images and videos are available, and it’s very possible that future models will have a different style. The watch also has two buttons with the upper button activating the LED light.

4. It may not have a stopwatch and timer.

What makes us believe that it may not have a stopwatch and timer is that there are no indicators for these functions on the dial. There is also no indicator for the alarm function. Other MR-G and analog models with these features have the “AL,” “TR,” and “ST” indicators. Other MR-G and full analog models typically use the dual time subdial for the stopwatch, timer, and alarm. Although it is technically possible to use the main hands instead, we would still expect to have the function indicators on the dial. It’s hard to imagine any G-Shock in the modern age without an alarm, and it’s possible that there is an alarm that is only settable with Bluetooth in the smartphone app. Other than the day of week indicators, there are indicators for “DST” (summer time DST on), “STD” (standard time), and “AT” for (automatic DST switching). The receive indicator “RC” suggests that the watch is equipped with Multi-Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment. Although non-MB-6 analog-digital models have a digital “RCVD” receive indicator for Bluetooth time adjustment and the non-MB-6 GST-B100 has an “R” indicator on the dial, other full analog models with Multi-Band 6 have the “RC” indicator.

We will post a new article when the MRG-B2100 is officially announced.

YouTuber Design Atelier did a break down of the leaked MRG-B2100 images.


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