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G-Shock Nishikigoi Koi Series is based on Japanese koi fish

G-Shock Nishikigoi Koi Series DW-5600JK DW-6900JK GA-100JK

Following the Daruma Doll Series, G-Shock will be releasing the Nishikigoi Koi Series in June 2021. This is another made-in-Japan limited edition three-piece series inspired by Japanese culture, with designs based on the nishikigoi or “living jewel.” These colored varieties of the Amur carp fish are prevalent in Japanese society and popular around the world.

The G-Shock DW-5600JK is based on the Showa Sanshoku variety, with a black bezel and band, and a red pattern that extends to the EL backlight. The DW-6900JK is based on the Kohaku variety, with a white bezel and band, and a red pattern that extends to the EL backlight. The GA-100JK is based on the Taisho Sanshoku variety, with a red bezel and band, and a black pattern. The watches come in exclusive packaging designed by BlackEyePatch.

The prices in Japan are 14,850 yen for the DW-5600JK, 17,050 for the DW-6900JK, and 19,800 for the GA-100JK. The previous Daruma Series was also released in other Asian countries and the U.S. (at Gshock.com), so hopefully this Koi Series will also get a wider release.

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