Hawaii’s In4mation to release its eighth G-Shock collaboration (DW5600IN4M234)

In4mation x G-Shock DW5600IN4M234 Mosh Pit Box

Update: G-Shock U.S. unveiled the limited edition DW5600IN4M234 which commemorates the 20th anniversary of Hawaii streetwear brand In4mation. The watch has a “Mosh Pit” theme with a multi-color design featuring an orange bezel, purple upper band, and teal lower band. In4mation logos appear on the gold face, band, and case back. The EL backlight displays the brand’s Hawaii-inspired “Hi” design which is also featured on many of its clothing items.

It’s not clear if the watch was released at Casio and already sold out, or if it will be released later. (If it’s the later, you can sign up for notifications. It does not have the “sold out” designation like the recent Hidden collaboration.) It is currently listed as an August 2023 release with a price of $150.

In4mation posted more Instagram updates (@in4mation_), and stated that the watch will be released in September. It is expected to be available at the In4mation website soon.

Update: The DW5600IN4M234 will reportedly be released at the In4mation website on September 1 and the Casio website on September 6.

Update 2: The watch is now available at in4mation.co for $155, with international shipping available.

See the original posts below the images.

DW5600IN4M234 at casio.com/us

In4mation Official Website at in4mation.co

IN4MATION x G-Shock DW5600IN4M234:

In4mation x G-Shock DW5600IN4M234 Mosh Pit

In4mation x G-Shock DW5600IN4M234 Mosh Pit Band

In4mation x G-Shock DW5600IN4M234 Mosh Pit Case Back

In4mation x G-Shock DW5600IN4M234 Mosh Pit EL Backlight

Original Post:

Hawaii’s own streetwear brand In4mation has been sharing images of its past G-Shock collaborations on its Instagram account (@in4mation_), and its most recent post is a teaser video stating that a new watch is coming soon. Its first collaboration was released in 2007, and this will be the brand’s eighth. In4mation is known for using a variety of G-Shock base models for its releases. Its most popular model was the GLX-6900XA-9 “Rasta” edition from 2011, and its last was the surfing-inspired GAX-100X-4A “Milestones” edition from 2016.

In addition to its popular lines of Hi, Aloha Army, and University of Hawaii products, In4mation is currently selling the Maui Relief Tee and Come Together Tee, with 100% of the profits from these two t-shirts going to the Hawaii Community Foundation, Maui Strong Fund, and The Maui Humane Society.

Visit In4mation at in4mation.co

Hawaii's In4mation to release its eighth G-Shock collaboration

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