White-blue G-Shock GBA-900CB-7A and black-blue GBA-900CB-1A are first GBA-900 models with positive LCD display

G-Shock GBA-900CB-7A and GBA-900CB-1A

G-Shock U.S. unexpectedly released the full metal blue-accented GMB2100AD-2A and GMWB5000D-2 before Japan, and these models are now available online at casio.com/us and Arizona Fine Time, as well as other retailers. Arizona Fine Time also has a new G-Shock model that isn’t available at the Casio site yet (but probably will be soon). The GBA900CB-7A ($140) is a G-SQUAD (or MOVE) model featuring Bluetooth smartphone link and a step counter. The colors are inspired by the ocean, with a blue-green dial. This is the first new GBA-900 model since 2022 and the second with a white bezel and band, which are now made with bio-based resin. This is also the first GBA-900 with a positive display, which should aid in legibility.

G-Shock GBA-900CB-7A

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GBA900CB-7A at azfinetime.com

Update: The GBA-900CB-7A is also listed at Casio Singapore as coming soon, along with the black and blue GBA-900CB-1A. This model also has a positive LCD display. These are also the first GBA-900 models with a fully colored dial.

G-Shock GBA-900CB-1A

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The GBA-900 is designed for both walking and running. The step counter can calibrate its distance measuring function by initially operating it when connected to a GPS-equipped smartphone and can then measure distance using the watch alone. The stopwatch features auto lap timing with a 45-record memory that includes lap and split times, total time, distance, average pace, and calories burned. These lap records are viewable on the watch display. Life Log step count data is also viewable on the watch display and includes daily distance, daily calories burned, and daily step count, with a graph that displays the progress made towards reaching the daily distance, calorie, and step count targets (which are settable on the watch) over the past seven days. (The lap memory Training Log data and Life Log data are also viewable on the G-Shock MOVE smartphone app, and the daily targets are also settable with the app.) Another useful fitness feature is the countdown timer with up to five settings (from 1 second to 60 minutes each) that can be repeated up to twenty times. There is also a five-level exercise intensity graph displayed in timekeeping, stopwatch, and dual time mode. View the GBA-900 in our Specs Catalog for more information.

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