G-Shock Master of G Men in Camouflage Series

Men in Camouflage Series GW-9400CMJ-3JR GF-8250CM-2JR GW-9300CM-1JR

Collector alert! Casio Japan has announced three new G-Shock Master of G colors in their new Men of Camouflage series for March 2015. The new models are the GW-9400CMJ-3JR Rangeman (52,000 yen) in a green case and woodland camouflage band, the GF-8250CM-2JR Frogman (48,000 yen) in a blue case and ocean camouflage band, and a GW-9300CM-1JR Mudman (39,000 Yen) in a gray case and gray camouflage band. The Rangeman and Mudman also have carbon fiber inserts in the bands added strength and durability.

Men in Camouflage Mudman and Rangeman on Amazon

GW-9300CM-1JR Mudman GW-9400CMJ-3JR Rangeman GF-8250CM-2JR Frogman

Here is a closer look at the band designs:

GW-9400CMJ-3JR Band

GF-8250CM-2JR Band

GW-9300CM-1JR Band

Here is a look at the carbon fiber inserts on the Rangeman and Mudman bands:

GW-9400CMJ-3JR Carbon Fiber insert

GW-9300CM-1JR Carbon Fiber insert

via G-Shock.jp

Shop for the Master of G Men In Camouflage series at Amazon
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