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G-Shock Master of G Men in Camouflage Series

Men in Camouflage Series GW-9400CMJ-3JR GF-8250CM-2JR GW-9300CM-1JR

Collector alert! Casio Japan has announced three new G-Shock Master of G colors in their new Men of Camouflage series for March 2015. The new models are the GW-9400CMJ-3JR Rangeman (52,000 yen) in a green case and woodland camouflage band, the GF-8250CM-2JR Frogman (48,000 yen) in a blue case and ocean camouflage band, and a GW-9300CM-1JR Mudman (39,000 Yen) in a gray case and gray camouflage band. The Rangeman and Mudman also have carbon fiber inserts in the bands added strength and durability.

Here is a closer look at the band designs:

GW-9400CMJ-3JR Band

GF-8250CM-2JR Band

GW-9300CM-1JR Band

Here is a look at the carbon fiber inserts on the Rangeman and Mudman bands:

GW-9400CMJ-3JR Carbon Fiber insert

GW-9300CM-1JR Carbon Fiber insert

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