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PRW-6100Y-1B & PRX-8000YT-1B: New High-End Pro Treks

Casio Pro Trek PRW-6100Y-1B PRX-8000YT-1B

Casio announced two new high-end Pro Trek watches for February 2017 in Asia, the PRW-6100Y-1B (left) and PRX-8000YT-1B (right).

The PRW-6100Y-1B is a basic black model featuring Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 radio-wave timekeeping, Triple Sensor Version 3 (alti-barometer, compass, thermometer), stainless steel bezel with black IP, STN LCD display, and carbon fiber insert band.

The PRX-8000YT-1B is a top of the line PRX-8000 Manaslu model, named after the eighth-highest mountain in the world that was first summited by a Japanese expedition in 1956. The blue accents on this model’s face are inspired by the “blue moment” of the sky glowing blue just before dawn and after sunset. There is also blue deposition layer on the edge of the watch’s sapphire crystal to accentuate the effect. The PRX-8000YT-1B has a DLC-coated titanium metal band that can be slide-adjusted up to 6 mm without any tools. It also features a stainless steel bezel, 100-meter water resistance, Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, and Triple Sensor Version 3.

Casio Japan also announced the PRW-6100Y-1BJF (list price ¥64,000 JPY) and PRX-8000YT-1BJF (list price ¥190,000 JPY).

Pro Trek PRW-6100Y-1B

Pro Trek PRW-6100Y-1B

PRW-6100Y-1BJF on Amazon PRW-6100Y-1BJF on eBay

Pro Trek PRX-8000YT-1B

Pro Trek PRX-8000YT-1B

PRX-8000YT-1BJF on Amazon PRX-8000YT-1BJF on eBay

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2 years ago

Does the prw6100mo monroe special edition have the sapphire crystal