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The HODINKEE shop is now an authorized G-Shock retailer

Hodinkee (stylized as HODINKEE), one of the world’s top watch websites, recently announced the addition of G-Shock watches to its online store at shop.hodinkee.com.

Hodinkee is an authorized G-Shock retailer and offers a curated selection of personally tested products. Hodinkee offers same-day expedited shipping and free returns and exchanges within 7 days. Hodinkee also provides a free extended warranty, which gives an additional 12 months along with the standard 1-year Casio warranty. The Hodinkee shop ships worldwide (except to Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Turkey, Luxembourg, and Colombia).

Hodinkee recently made the announcement on its shop blog. The post features exclusive photos, as well as information on the history and evolution of G-Shock and a guide to some of the shop’s available models.

Known for its inspired writing and beautiful photography, New York-based Hodinkee sometimes publishes articles about G-Shock watches, and many of its employees are fans with fond memories of G-Shock as their first watch.

The “Hodinkee Guarantee” states, “We stand behind the authenticity and quality of our merchandise. Nothing is more important to us than a transparent transaction that makes our customer happy – so if something goes wrong, you have our word that we will do everything possible to make it right.”

Visit the HODINKEE Shop at shop.hodinkee.com.

HODINKEE G-Shock GW-9400-1B Wrist Shot

GW9400-1B photo via shop.hodinkee.com


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