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BGD-5000U and BGD-5700U: Baby-G Japan has its own “U” line with updated module and LED light

Like G-Shock, Baby-G Japan has its own “U” line of updated classic digital models with the square BGD-5000U and round-face BGD-5700U series. Two more 5700U models were launched in October: the black BGD-5700U-1BJF and white BGD-5700U-7BJF. The BGD-5000U and BGD-5700U series feature Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 auto radio time sync.

The differences between the Baby-G “U” models and their older counterparts appear to be the same as the G-Shock “U” Series, which saw upgrades to many of the functions. The BGD-5000U and BGD-5700U now have an LED light instead of the EL backlight, with adjustable 1.5 or 3 second afterglow (but without the full auto activation of the G-Shocks). It has upgrades to the timer (with 1-second set units) and world time (with 5 world time settings and two additional time zones), and the same change to the stopwatch (with 1/100-second increments under one hour and 1-second increments after that). The specs also confirm that the date format and day of week language are adjustable. It is also likely that there is a current time display in stopwatch and timer mode, and a quick return to timekeeping function. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm all of the new features, because the instruction manuals are only available in Japanese. (Though if you buy one of these as an import, you can probably figure out how to operate it from the G-Shock module 3495 manual.)

The Baby-G BGD-5000U and BGD-5700U series are only available in Japan. (The BGD-5700UK-2 Love The Sea and the Earth edition had a limited release in a few other countries.) The G-Shock “U” Series has been limited to square models and was only released in Japan and Europe so far.

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Baby-G BGD-5000U

BGD-5000U Series on eBay

Baby-G BGD-5700U

BGD-5700U Series on eBay

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