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FACETASM x My G-Shock DWE-5610FA Limited Parts

FACETASM x My G-Shock DWE-5610FA

Following its first collaboration with Yu Nagaba, the My G-Shock (Japan) customization service will offer limited edition DWE-5610 watch parts in collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Facetasm, starting June 24 at 14:00. Sets include the blue DWE-5610FA-BLUE, yellow DWE-5610FA-YELLOW, and white DWE-5610FA. Each set has a tax-included price of 18,700 yen, and the limited parts can be mixed with each other and other colors. The bezel parts feature a geometric pattern, and the bands have a gradated polka dot pattern. The EL backlight of the face parts displays a picture of a monster drawn by fashion designer Hiroshi Ochiai’s son when he was four years old. The case back features the illustrated “F” logo, and the collaboration includes exclusive packaging.

Limited Facetasm x My G-Shock Parts at My G-Shock Japan (Delivery to Japan only)

My G-Shock can also be accessed from the “Casio Watches” smartphone app in Japan.

FACETASM x My G-Shock DWE-5610FA EL Backlight

FACETASM x My G-Shock DWE-5610FA Case Back

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