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G-Shock Black Out (Leather) Texture Series

G-Shock Black Leather Texture GA-100BT-1A GA-110BT-1A GD-120BT-1

G-Shock continues to innovate on the fashion front with the release of a new fabric-like resin band and case applied to popular base models. We’re not exactly sure what the “BT” stands for so we’re going with Black Leather Texture Series as the look resembles the surfaces of leather work boots and jackets. (Update: G-Shock has christened it the “Black Out Texture” series). This unique look is created with a microfabrication applied to the resin molds, resulting in a leather-like texture that gives the watches a natural, worn appearance.

The series includes the GA-100BT-1AJF (¥13,500 JPY list), GA-110BT-1AJF (¥15,000 JPY list), and GD-120BT-1JF (¥13,000 JPY list), modern classics which share the same size exterior case. In keeping with the tough, dark look, there is no bezel lettering paint and the displays are dark and minimalist with reverse LCD displays.

The rest of Asia is also getting the GA-100BT-1A, GA-110BT-1A, GD-120BT-1 in January.

Update: In February 2018 Casio America announced a release for the GA100BT-1A with a list price of $99 USD.

G-Shock GA-100BT-1A

The GA-100BT-1A is an analog-digital model with gray markers.

G-Shock GA-100BT-1A

GA-100BT-1AJF on Amazon GA-100BT-1AJF on eBay

G-Shock GA-110BT-1A

The GA-110BT-1A is an analog-digital model with light gray markers.

G-Shock GA-110BT-1A

GA-110BT-1AJF on Amazon GA-110BT-1AJF on eBay

G-Shock GD-120BT-1

The GD-120BT-1 is a digital model with a black display.

G-Shock GD-120BT-1

GD-120BT-1JF on Amazon GD-120BT-1JF on eBay

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