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G-Shock MRG-B5000 Videos: Shingo Ishizaka and Random Rob

G-Shock Singapore released a promotional video for the recently released MRG-B5000 series featuring Casio executive Shingo Ishizaka. The video is an excellent explanation of what makes the series special. Ishizaka describes how they used the highest quality materials to recreate the original G-Shock DW-5000 as a flagship MR-G model with the “kiwami” (pinnacle) theme. He also discusses the polishing process, structure, materials, and functions. Something that hasn’t been talked about much is how the multi-piece bezel is also functional and not just aesthetic. The flat springs push the corner T-shaped bars upward into the octagonal top bezel, so that the top bezel can move up and down to absorb shocks. He also revealed that a “Challenge The Limits” torture test video for the MRG-B5000 is forthcoming.

Random Rob did an unboxing video of the MRG-B5000D-1. Even if you’ve never read or heard anything about it, you can clearly see that the construction and finish put it on a whole new level from the GMW-B5000D-1. Rob sums it up well when he says, “There is no other G-Shock square that looks like this.”

Update: Here’s Random Rob’s new MRG-B5000D-1 video.

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