G-Shock Master of Metal Videos and Page from Casio U.K.

Casio U.K. launched a “Master of Metal” campaign that highlights three G-Shock series: G-STEEL, GMW-B5000, and MT-G (MTG-B1000 and MTG-B2000). The expansion of metal models is a large part of G-Shock’s current strategy, and we’re likely to see even more metal series in the years to come.

G-SHOCK: The Master of Metal

G-SHOCK Master of Metal – G-STEEL Series: The G-STEEL series is an affordable mid-range line of analog watches featuring stainless steel exterior parts, and it is available in a variety of band and bezel options. The GST-B300 is the latest G-STEEL model, the first with a front light button, and includes an analog-digital display, Tough Solar power, Bluetooth smartphone link, and the Carbon Core Guard structure. Other G-STEEL models with Bluetooth include the GST-B200 and the full analog GST-B100.

G-SHOCK Master of Metal – FULL METAL Series: The Full Metal Series refers to the made-in-Japan GMW-B5000, which is a modernized stainless steel version (or titanium in some cases) of the first-ever G-Shock. Like the original G-Shock, the GMW-B5000 also has a stainless steel inner case and a screw-lock case back. Modern features include Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6 radio time sync, and Bluetooth smartphone link.

G-SHOCK Master of Metal – MT-G Series: MT-G stands for Metal Twisted G-Shock, and the line currently includes the MTG-B1000 and MTG-B2000. Both models have Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, Triple G Resist (shock, centrifugal force, vibration), Bluetooth smartphone link, and sapphire crystal. Both are made at the Premium Production Line at the Casio Yamagata factory in Japan.

G-Shock U.K. also added a Master of Metal page on its official website.

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