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G-Shock Midnight Green MG Series

G-Shock Metallic Green Series

G-Shock Japan is releasing the Midnight Green Series in April, which includes the AWG-M100SMG-1AJF, GA-140MG-1AJF, GA-700MG-1AJF, GW-B5600MG-1JF. Perhaps the most interesting of the four is the GW-B5600MG-1JF, as this is one of the only GW-B5600 models with a standard (non-inverted) LCD display, and it has a more subdued design than the other standard display models.

Update: The GA-140MG-1AER, GA-700MG-1AER, and GW-B5600MG-1ER were released in the U.K. and are expected to be released in Europe. The GA140DC-1A ($110), GA700DC-1A ($110), and GWB5600DC-1 ($150) are expected to be released in the U.S.

Update 2: The series is also being released in other Asian countries in June 2021, but with the AWR-M100SMG-1A (Tough Solar without Multi-Band 6) replacing the AWG-M100SMG-1A.

G-Shock AWG-M100SMG-1A: Mid-size analog-digital with Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 auto radio time syncing. Dark green dial and green accents.

G-Shock AWG-M100SMG-1A

AWG-M100SMG-1AJF (JP) on eBay

G-Shock GA-140MG-1A: Large analog-digital with metallic green camouflage dial and white hands.

G-Shock GA-140MG-1A

GA-140MG-1AJF (JP) on eBay

G-Shock GA-700MG-1A: Extra-large analog-digital with metallic green dial and white hands.

G-Shock GA-700MG-1A

GA-700MG-1AJF (JP) on eBay

G-Shock GW-B5600MG-1: Mid-size digital with Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, and Bluetooth smartphone link. Green accents and dark green camouflage pattern around the display.

G-Shock GW-B5600MG-1

GW-B5600MG-1JF (JP) on eBay

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