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N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Collaboration for 2021

N.Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Collaboration Watch for 2021

Japanese apparel brand N. Hoolywood and G-Shock are releasing their eighth collaboration with the DW-5900NH21-1. The watch features the familiar military-inspired style with a matte black stealth bezel, bullbar wire face protector, and custom engraved case back with black IP. The watch also has an inverted LCD display, but it has a slightly different look than a full blackout style, with white rings around the “three-eyes” LCD displays, along with white logos and labels on the face. An inverted “N.H.TPES” logo on the upper-right stands for “N. Hoolywood Test Product Exchange Service,” which is the brand’s military-themed line. The “ON/OFF” label on the upper-left is also purposefully inverted, like last year’s DW-5900NH-1.

According to Hypebeast Japan, the DW-5900 was originally released in advance overseas in the 1990s and was popular among skaters on the west coast of the United States. It is also well-known for its appearance in “The Big Lebowski” in 1998.

The DW-5900NH21-1JR goes on sale on October 23 in Japan at the Mr. Hollywood store in Tokyo, Mr. Hollywood Osaka, directly managed Mr. Hollywood stores, and online at n-hoolywood.com (international shipping available via WorldShopping) and zozo.jp. N. Hoolywood’s collaboration watches sometimes get a wider release. Last year’s model was also released throughout Asia and Europe, but it looks like this one may be for Japan only.

G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Side

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Band

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Case Back

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Box

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Watch Outz Hong Kong
Watch Outz Hong Kong
2 years ago

According to their official Insta account the sale was suspended due to some defects and those who have bought it would be contacted by their customer service (possibly for a recall)…

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