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N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Collaboration for 2021

N.Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Collaboration Watch for 2021

Japanese apparel brand N. Hoolywood and G-Shock are releasing their eighth collaboration with the DW-5900NH21-1. The watch features the familiar military-inspired style with a matte black stealth bezel, bullbar wire face protector, and custom engraved case back with black IP. The watch also has an inverted LCD display, but it has a slightly different look than a full blackout style, with white rings around the “three-eyes” LCD displays, along with white logos and labels on the face. An inverted “N.H.TPES” logo on the upper-right stands for “N. Hoolywood Test Product Exchange Service,” which is the brand’s military-themed line. The “ON/OFF” label on the upper-left is also purposefully inverted, like last year’s DW-5900NH-1.

According to Hypebeast Japan, the DW-5900 was originally released in advance overseas in the 1990s and was popular among skaters on the west coast of the United States. It is also well-known for its appearance in “The Big Lebowski” in 1998.

The DW-5900NH21-1JR goes on sale on October 23 in Japan at the Mr. Hollywood store in Tokyo, Mr. Hollywood Osaka, directly managed Mr. Hollywood stores, and online at n-hoolywood.com (international shipping available via WorldShopping) and zozo.jp. N. Hoolywood’s collaboration watches sometimes get a wider release. Last year’s model was also released throughout Asia and Europe, but it looks like this one may be for Japan only.

G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Side

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Band

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Case Back

N. Hoolywood x G-Shock DW-5900NH21-1 Box

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