Titanium GMW-B5000TB and GMW-B5000TCM discontinued

G-Shock GMW-B5000TB-1 GMW-B5000TCM-1

Two of the most anticipated G-Shock releases of 2019, the full-metal titanium GMW-B5000TB-1 and GMW-B5000TCM-1, are now officially discontinued and are no longer in production, according to g-shock.jp. This is not a surprise, as both models were known to be limited editions.

The GMW-B5000TB-1 and GMW-B5000TCM-1 were praised for their lightweight titanium build, DLC coating, sapphire crystal, and unique origin and laser-camo colorways. They were also scorned by some for their high prices compared to other full-metal, Bluetooth-connected GMW-B5000 watches. While both models ended up being easy to acquire and are still readily available from various retailers, their limited and discontinued status ensures this won’t always be the case.

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Steven A
Steven A
3 years ago

way too expensive especially in the UK, £1400 and £1480 is just disrespectful to the collector and does not make sense to the normal G-Shock buyer, G-Shock have got this wrong! It is a nice watch and great build quality but needed to be £795 and £875.

3 years ago

The same in Germany. These watches are sold here for 1500 EUR, which is much too much. In general, all G Shock full-metal watches are extremely overpriced. For the stainless steel versions you have to pay 500 EUR. But for what value? These watches are not much more expensive than those made of resin, but they cost 5 times as much. There is no relation to each other, especially compared to other watches or things you can buy for this money. 1500 EUR is more than many people earn each month. Even if you really like the G Shock watches, these prices are completely exaggerated and not justified by anything.

I do not understand who came up with these prices and with what reasons. Since apparently a lot of customers think this way, I am not surprised that hardly anyone buys these watches at these prices.

Sorry Casio, I would like to buy the watches at an acceptable and affordable price. But these prices here are beyond everything that is acceptable.

3 years ago

I’d prefer Casio team moved its efforts to make a 5600 with at least contemporary looking LCD. The 5600’s envelope has a good and universal design (especially the metal one), but its display comes from the past century. We’ve got year 2020 and people want good looking LCD in good looking envelope. Alpha-dot LCD with solar power is a must and if it was configurable (font family, font size, position of time and data blocks) it’d be perfect.
Following current trends Casio could make an 5600 with an ivory envelope and buttons made of shark’s teeth but what’s the fun if only few would wear it? IMO, someone in the Casio management board should use ice bucket.

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