GSW-H1000: Hands-On First Look and Test Video by DesFit

Fitness and tech channel DesFit is the first to take a hands-on look at the new G-Shock GSW-H1000 Wear OS smartwatch on YouTube. This is a “first impressions” video, and DesFit is also planning to release a full review soon.

Here are some points that stood out:

The watch has a very long band. This is useful for wearing it over winter jackets and outerwear.

Des shows some wrist shots on his 187-mm (7.36-inch) wrist. He says the watch stays secure on the wrist during activity, despite its large size.

There is an auto feature to turn on the color display. This is like the auto backlight option of other G-Shock watches that activates the light when the wrist is rotated to look at the watch, but here it activates the main color display. Tapping the display also activates the color display.

The monochrome display shows the time, day, heart rate, and calories burned. There is also a “Timepiece” option in the Casio OS/app that powers off Wear OS and displays the time, day, and date. (Update: According to the manual, the Timepiece mode can also be set up to display altimeter, barometer, step counter, and battery level data.) Holding the right side button for a few seconds powers on Wear OS.

The interface looked snappy and responsive, with no noticeable lag. The main watch face has three sections that can be customized with different types of data, and it’s possible to use different non-G-Shock watch faces.

In the Casio app, along with many outdoor activity options, there is a “Workouts” option for indoor use, which includes various cardio and strength training activities. The Casio app interface looks very clean and intuitive.

The Casio smartphone app was not live yet, so Des tested the watch on a bicycle run using the popular Strava fitness app and found that the GPS and heart rate monitor were generally accurate, with a few minor deviations. According to his usage and calculations, the watch has enough power for almost 8 hours of GPS use (with the Strava app).

From what we saw in the video, the GSW-H1000 looks very promising and will be useful for those who want a very rugged smartwatch or a very smart G-Shock.

(There is a lot more in the video that we didn’t mention, including size comparisons with the GBD-H1000 and other watches.)

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