GSW-H1000 with Wear OS Instruction Manual now available (and more info on Timepiece mode)

G-Shock GSW-H1000 English Manual

The English-language manual for the G-Shock GSW-H1000 Wear OS smartwatch is now available at The manual is available as an online HTML version and a 135-page PDF file. (For other languages, click here.)

The manual provides some additional information that we have not seen before.
• Memory: 4GB of internal storage (with 2GB reserved for the system), 768MB RAM
• The mineral glass has a dirt-resistant coating.

The watch has three buttons on the right side. The upper START button starts activity measurement and/or displays the START screen for selecting measurement items. When a watch face is displayed, pressing the middle power button displays the Wear OS app list. When an app screen or other screen is displayed, pressing the power button will return to the watch face screen. When off or in Timepiece mode, holding down the power button for a few seconds turns on Wear OS. The lower APP button displays CASIO’S APPS screen. The START and APP button functions can be changed with Wear OS, but they should not be changed for the Digital watch face.

One of the unique features of the GSW-H1000 is the dual-layer screen with the power-saving monochrome Timepiece mode, which can be enabled from the Casio app. According to the manual, “With Timepiece, you can minimize power consumption by quitting Wear OS by Google so only the watch and sensor operations are performed.” In addition to the time and day, Timepiece mode shows the date or barometer data at the top and either step count, battery level, or altitude data at the bottom. (The battery level is always shown on the outer ring.) Adjusting what data is displayed will disable the sensors for information that is not displayed. Timepiece also has a bright and dark mode, and the dark mode appears to be an inverted style (white text on black background, and vice versa for bight mode). Wear OS needs to be turned on to change any of the Timepiece mode settings. (Update: A reader commented that Timepiece mode has a backlight function that is activated with a quick press of the middle button.)

The monochrome LCD is also used as a power-saving and outdoor (bright sunlight) screen with Wear OS and can show additional information when Wear OS is on, such as heart rate and calories burned data. We couldn’t find any information on whether the automatic wake function (by rotating the wrist), as seen in the DesFit video, can be disabled or not. (Update: It can be disabled.)

Regarding the 200-meter water resistance, the manual warns not to do several things, such as scuba diving (with air cylinder), pressing the buttons when the watch is wet or underwater, charging the watch when wet, washing hands or face with soap or detergent when wearing the watch, and wearing the watch in a bath or sauna or other high temperature/high humidity environment. Also, the touch screen does not work when the watch is submerged, and heart rate accuracy and location information may be inaccurate or disrupted when the watch is in water or wet.

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