GSW-H1000 Tips Videos and “The Real” Documentary

G-Shock published seven tips videos for the G-Shock G-SQUAD PRO GSW-H1000 smartwatch (MOVE PRO in the U.S.), along with “The Real,” a short documentary film about three backcountry snowboarders using the smartwatch.

Of special interest may be volumes 4-6 on how to use the Casio original app and the training functions, as these are the exclusive features that distinguish the GSW-H1000 from other Wear OS watches, along with its superior durability, class-leading 200-meter water resistance, and power-saving dual-layer display.

The documentary shows how the GSW-H1000 can be useful to athletes and outdoorspeople, with its environmental sensors, GPS, heart rate monitor, and smartwatch functions.

Tips Vol. 01: How To Pair With Your Smartphone

Tips Vol. 02: How To Use Apps

Tips Vol. 03: How To Use Power-Saving Settings

Tips Vol. 04: How To Use Casio Original App

Tips Vol. 05: How To Use The Watch For Training

Tips Vol. 06: How To Check Captured Data On Smartphone App

Tips Vol. 07: How To Use Sensor Overlay

G-SQUAD PRO Documentary Series “The Real”

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