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My G-Shock customization service adds camouflage colors

My G-Shock watch customization service adds camouflage colors

The My G-Shock watch customization service in Japan has added two new color options with a woodland camouflage pattern. Unlike the recently added jelly colors, these colors are not designated as “limited,” but there is an additional 1,100 yen charge for each option. Green and beige camouflage colors are available for the bezel, short band, and long band, and each selection will incur a 1,100 yen charge. My G-Shock is available to residents of Japan only.

Woodland Camouflage at My G-Shock Japan

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Wade mcleod
Wade mcleod
2 years ago

Id really like to see people putting out bezels and bands for older models. I have a pretty large collection and quite a few i cant wear anymore because of broken bands or bezels. I constantly keep on the lookout for replacement parts but some of the ones i have just aren’t out there. Others i never wear because i know if i do break something on them id never find replacement parts.

2 years ago
Reply to  Wade mcleod

you can get replacement parts here

G-Central G-Shock Fan Site
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